How To Back Up Or Restore Your Data on GBWhatsApp

Are you afraid of losing your data while switching from WhatsApp? Then you don’t have to worry about it because you can easily transfer your old data into any modded version of WhatsApp.

Below Are the steps using which you can create a backup for your data which you can later transfer to any other Modified Version of WhatsApp including- GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc.

How To Create a Back-Up in GBWhatsApp

When switching from the original WhatsApp to the modified version, you need to create a backup of your old data. This will enable you to restore your existing data in another app.

We have listed some steps below that you must need to follow in order to create a backup. Read the steps carefully

(1) Open your Normal WhatsApp app.

(2) Click on the settings icon.

(3) Go To chat options.


(4) Then you will see a Chat Backup option.

(5) Now just click on the “Back-up Now” Button.


(6) Wait for some time until the process is completed.

Congratulations your data has now been successfully backed up. Now you have to restore it to the modified version of WhatsApp.

How To Transfer WhatsApp Data to Other Apps

  • Once your data is backed-up you are now ready to switch from normal WhatsApp to the Modded version. Follow the steps listed below in order to complete the process
  • Download Your Modded WhatsApp APK File From (
  • Then Uninstall Old WhatsApp Without Clearing Your Data.
  • Open File Manager On Your Device, Find The WhatsApp Folder And Rename It With Your Modded APK Name. For Example: (WhatsApp To GBWhatsApp)
  • Do the same to the files in the WhatsApp media folder.
  • Install The APK on Your Device, Set-Up Your Account and Click on The “Restore Data” Option.
  • Now Data Will Start Restoring And You Can Enjoy The App

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